Culture Collapse Disorder

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The term "Culture Collapse Disorder" first occured to me in 2007 when I was researching Colony Collapse Disorder, the mass vanishing of the honeybees, for my Master's thesis that inquired into the nature of Colony Collapse Disorder using a Jungian (symbolic) lens. I currently define Culture Collapse Disorder as an eco-psycho-pathological disorder in which humans have lost our connection to "home", due in part to our extremely consumer-oriented culture. Now our ever-increasing capacity for the destruction of home (places and planet) in conjunction with eco-apathy, ecopsychopathy, and our modern consumer mindset may be threatening life as we know it.

Since the end of 2006, honeybees have been beset by what scientists call "Colony Collapse Disorder" in which hives are collapsing literally almost overnight due to unsustainable conditions which are causing the bees to lose their vital connection with home and fail to return. 

Are we collectively now in the grips of "Culture Collapse Disorder" in which the symptoms of the unsustainability of our ecopsychopathy, consumer-driven culture, and life as we know it are increasing? One thing scientists find when the bees abondon the hive, leaving the honey, the brood, and the queen behind, is that other insects and animals won't touch it, even with the stories of honey inside! The levels of toxins inside tell the tale.

Are we poisoning our own hive and systematically destroying the only home we have? Is our lack of capacity to come "home" to something larger than our everyday selves and our current way of life ultimately going to result in the collpase of life as we know it?

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Bonnie Bright is the founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, the world's first comprehensive online community for depth psychology, and hosts a podcast, Depth Insights, as well as editing the semi-annual scholarly e-zine of the same name. She founded, a free online database to find or list depth psychology oriented therapists and practitioners. She holds Masters degrees in Psychology and Depth Psychology, and recently completed her Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, where she wrote her dissertation on Culture Collapse Disorder. Follow her on Twitter @bonniebright5 or on Facebook at











In cases of Colony Collapse Disorder, bees have lost their connection to the hive, failing to return home with the nectar and pollen needed to keep the hive alive.

Culture Collapse Disorder is an eco-psycho-pathological disorder in which humans, due in part to our immersion in our current consumer-oriented culture, have lost our own vital connection to home, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and archetypally, leaving us capable of severe eco-apathy and ecopsychopathy.

Is our culture on the brink of collapse as we continue to destroy our own home?